Ultimate Holiday Cheer: Let Them Eat Steak

Tis the season for making a list and checking it twice (or even three times) as to who’s on it. Holiday shopping is never easy and rarely does there seem to be enough time (or parking) to get it all done without a certain amount of stress. We’ve all seen the movie. Shopping online does make things more convenient, of course, and it appears millions of Americans opt for this alternative to malls and Main Street in increasing numbers every year.

Todd's USDA Prime Assortment

But there are still problems of fit, picking the right color and worrying if the gift will get there on time no matter how early you place your order. And it goes without saying that it takes hours of time scrolling pages and researching websites for the best possible deal.

Our Chairman's Assortment

The Dry Aged Assortment

And then there’s the gift of Allen Brothers. No fit problems to worry about, no colors or patterns to pick out. Everyone loves a great steak, whether carving into a giant ribeye at a local steakhouse or opening a box at one’s doorstep. Allen Brothers offers a wealth of hand selected assortments and samplers sure to please every palate on your holiday list. From ribeyes and filet mignons, to strip steaks and porterhouses, there’s an assortment and sampler to choose from that anyone would be thrilled to receive.

Luscious Crowned Filets Mignon Sampler

All you have to decide on is how generous you want to be this season and to whom. Allen Brothers does all the rest. All steaks in the assortments and samplers are blast frozen then wrapped with the highest quality Cryovac packaging and hand packed in our signature sturdy gift boxes. We use dry ice and strong outer packaging to ensure that all Allen Brothers products are delivered safely to your recipients’ door. Remember that all Allen Brothers meat is hand selected and hand-cut on premises by our own specially trained master butchers.

The country’s finest steakhouses proudly serve Allen Brothers meat and celebrated restaurant chefs count on the quality and consistency Allen Brothers delivers. So there’s no need to worry about your special gift getting there safely and on time for the holidays.So why not consider giving a gift of tender, juicy USDA Prime steaks to those you love and care about this season? We can’t think of a better way to demonstrate great taste.

Happy Holidays,
Allen B.

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