Tailgating with Taste: Ribeyes, Burgers, Steak Dogs & More…

Tis the season, sports fans…NFL football has begun in earnest and likewise tailgate parties (as well as gatherings in family TV rooms across the country), are in full swing. It makes no difference if you root for the Chicago Bears, the New York Jets or the Miami Dolphins (egad!), the coolest football-watching parties are best served by what’s on the grill. And if you want to score big with your buddies (and their wives or significant others) you’ll make sure that grill is populated with the best USDA Prime Ribeyes, Steak Burgers and Steak Dogs from Allen Brothers.

Here’s our recommendation: heat up the grill to near 500 degrees if you can, bring those thick ribeyes to room temperature and moisten generously with some extra virgin olive oil. Ditto for the steak burgers. Give them a sprinkle of sea salt and a few grinds of fresh cracked black pepper and place them, along with the steak dogs, on the grill. DO NOT MOVE. At least, if you want those telltale grill marks to impress your friends (we secretly like them as well). For the ribeyes, grill eight to 10 minutes for medium rare. For the burgers, four to five minutes per side should suffice for medium doneness (the USDA recommends cooking to a minimum internal temperature of 160°F). Be sure to keep a watchful eye on the grill and avoid getting distracted, which is HUGELY important—vigilance is the key to a successful barbecue. One last reminder: cook the steak dogs on a part of the grill with less heat to avoid burning and to slowly bring out their snappy goodness (trust us when we say they taste like no others). All this great tailgate grilling will most assuredly take your mind away from the home team’s spotty defense (we’re not talking about the Bears here, obviously).

Pile all the accoutrements you want on those steak burgers—tomatoes, melted cheese, bacon—our thick cut hickory or pepper bacon would be a good choice—lettuce, pickles, raw onion, etc. And be our guest to slather mustard and relish on those steak dogs—their smoky big time flavor will hold up to anything (including chili).

But for flavor’s sake, leave the ribeyes alone; you’ll want to savor every flavorful, juicy, beefy bite. A special rub of your choice is acceptable, but we recommend that less is more when it comes to an Allen Brothers ribeye. Perfection, after all, deserves nothing less. Now you’re ready for some football!

Allen B.

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