Steak Outdoors: Less Frill, More Grill

Summer is almost over and many of us will want to get our last licks in at the backyard grill before the leaves begin to turn and that first frosty morning is upon us. Let us begin by saying we’re not unaware that high quality USDA Prime steaks such as ours are not inexpensive. So it makes sense to realize the greatest amount of joy whenever they’re on the menu, especially if you’re cooking them on a grill. Here’s a foolproof method that the best chefs we know use for consistently turning out the best tasting steak possible.

To begin, turn up the heat on the grill to at least 550 to 600 degrees. Be sure to bring your Ribeye, New York Strip, Sirloin or Porterhouse to room temperature. Coat the steaks well with olive oil (we prefer extra virgin), sprinkle generously with sea salt and a liberal amount of fresh cracked pepper. Let rest.

Using long tongs, pick up each steak individually and turn its edge down onto the grill to sear whatever fat there is along the outside rim for a minute or two. Then lay steak down, close the cover (do not disturb) and grill—about six to eight minutes per side for medium rare with a good char.

Remove from the grill, cover with aluminum foil and let rest for about 10 minutes (easily, the longest 10 minutes you will ever experience, but patience will be rewarded, trust us). Then carve into the steak. Your tongue and palate will do a happy dance and swooning will commence over the amazing tenderness, flavor and incomparable juiciness that only a wet or dry aged USDA Prime steak can deliver. And not to worry…we’ve got you covered for cooking indoors with the same mouth-watering results. Stay tuned to this new blog for much more to come. Should you try this grilling technique (you know, you want to), don’t keep us in suspense; let us know how it turned out!


Allen B.

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  1. I have been an Allen Brothers fanatic for many years, and have grilled steaks this way for a long time. Truly great! I now have a Lynx Professional Grill with a Prosear burner that achieves a temp over eight hundred degrees… Obviously, the cooking time is much different, and while that burner is lit, you don’t dare close the lid – what would you recomend as for cooking on this high temp grill??? Thanks for the tremendous melt-in-your-mouth steaks!!!

    • We surfed onto the Lynx grill website and were surprised to read that they recommend grilling steaks on their grill exactly as any other –on high heat. But we would never recommend 800 degrees! We’re not sure any other grill could get that high in temperature anyway, but 500 degress will do nicely for an intital sear on steaks,w hich could then be moved off direct heat to about 350 to finish cooking. In truth, we’re not sure what, if anything, you can properly cook at at 800 degrees. Our advice: DON’T try it with meat, especially an Allen Brothers steak! But to be sure, Lynx does make beautiful grills. Still, we recommend you follow our cooking guidelines, even with your Lynx grill. You’re sure to get great results. Thanks for the inquiry!

  2. Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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  3. thanks for posting. Great article.

  4. That addresses several of my concerns acutally.

  5. I love steak but hate excess fat, why do you leave the tail section on all of your cuts? Does this mean I have to pay for fat that is not edible? I want to be a customer but need to understand what I am getting and ultimately paying for. Thank You.

    • We’re not entirely sure which cuts you’re referring to, but as a rule, Allen Brothers trims closer than most. Having said that, we would never trim all outside fat because it’s needed to cook them properly; the cooking fat actually bastes the meat and imparts great flavor. In addition,, if you trim all the fat the steaks will seize up and can curl or become misshapen once cooked through. Essentially, all our trimmings are considered proper trim for that particular cut of meat. Hope this helps.

  6. Thank you!!!! 1000 times!!!