Make Your Thanksgiving Meal Memorable

All natural, free range turkey. Don't expect leftovers.

As much as we love Thanksgiving for myriad reasons, this quintessential American holiday also poses a perennial problem: what to serve, especially when entertaining guests, some of whom may not be turkey enthusiasts. Fortunately, Allen Brothers offers a wealth of mouth-watering ideas for a complete menu from start to finish, including awe-inspiring Prime roasts, Berkshire pork tenderloin, honey-glazed spiral cut hams and other gourmet main courses. We also have you covered with delicious side dishes, appetizers and decadent desserts, all of which look and taste home-made. And it goes without saying our all-natural turkey is as good as it gets.

Honey-glazed, spiral cut ham.

To make things even easier, Allen Brothers offers cpmplete meal assortments like our All-Natural Unstuffed Whole Turkey that comes with Creamed Spinach & Caramel Apple Pie. The creamed spinach is comprised of fresh spinach creamed with white cheddar cheese, garlic, onion and a hint of Pernod. The luscious caramel apple pie features a tender, flaky crust filled with rich caramel and luscious apples. Not a turkey fan? This same assortment is available with our center cut USDA Prime Beef Tenderloin Roast as a main course.

Savory stuffed all natural turkey breast dinner.

For anyone who has ever been stuck with the often unenviable and messy task of carving a turkey, Allen Brothers understands. That’s why we recently introduced our complete meal of Stuffed Turkey Breast, Green Bean Casserole and Rocky Road Cake. If that sounds delicious it’s because it truly is…we take an all natural, plump turkey breast, debone it, then roll it around a savory stuffing of ground sausage, cornbread, sage, celery and onion. Totally yummy. As an accompaniment, our classic Green Bean Casserole, the one everyone already loves, is made with fresh green beans baked with homemade cream of mushroom soup and topped with crispy french-fried onions. For dessert, it doesn’t get any better than rocky road cake, which is a 6″ chocolate cake topped with giant marshmallows and peanuts iced with chocolate ganache. A real taste sensation.

Streusel topped chipotle sweet potatoes.

If you actually enjoy cooking and stuffing a turkey yourself, Allen Brothers can still make your life simpler with many succulent prepared side dishes that will please any palate. To wit: our Chipotle Sweet Potatoes where smokey chipotle peppers and sweet potatoes are perfectly balanced with brown sugar and a pecan streusel topping. Or our aptly named Loaded Mashed Potatoes–a small mountain of buttery mashed potatoes jam packed with smoky bacon, cheese, scallions and lush sour cream. Creamy, delicious, and practically a meal in itself.

Luscious loaded mashed potatoes.

There’s much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, so why not make your holiday meal memorable with a little help from your friends at Allen Brothers? Enjoy!

Allen B.

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