How Safe Is Your Steak?

All Allen Brothers beef is expertly cut by hand

It’s a common question these days. So isn’t it important to know that Allen Brothers is totally committed to food safety and its quality and safety standards are unparalleled in the industry. It’s all part of the company’s continual efforts to provide the safest possible food products to its customers by using state-of-the-art equipment and storage well beyond industry requirements.

All trimming and packaging is done under strict supervision

How far do we go? Over the last decade Allen Brothers has worked diligently with food safety experts to develop ground-breaking systems that exceed USDA requirements and offer new paradigms for the meat industry. These include air treatment units that provide a clean and sanitary environment for cutting steaks and for dry aging all cuts of beef. In addition, these wholesale cuts are treated with specially designed ultraviolet light panels that successfully reduce the risk of microbiological contamination prior to cutting. Independent research has confirmed the effectiveness of these technologies for controlling both Salmonella and any E. coli.

USDA Prime beef dry ageing under ultra violet lights

So intense is Allen Brothers about safety that high level government officials, including the USDA Undersecretary for Food Safety, have visited the company plants in Chicago to personally witness how food safety investments are setting the bar for steak purveyors nationwide. Allen Brothers continues to seek out and evaluate emerging food safety technologies to assure that the company maintains the highest possible standards. When it comes to food safety, Allen Brothers leads the way.

For those who enjoy the great flavor and juicy tenderness of the best possible USDA Prime steak, it’s reassuring to know that Allen Brothers is on the job 24/7 making sure that the only thing being delivered is the highest quality beef, cut and aged in the safest, most regularly tested workrooms possible. Because with Allen Brothers, there’s no substitute for excellence.

Allen B.

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