Easy and Elegant: Beef Wellington

Sometimes even we’re amazed at how easy it is to serve an elegant main course to family and friends (or even just yourself) with a little help from Allen Brothers. Last evening we brought four of the INDIVIDUAL BEEF WELLINGTONS to some friends’ house for an impromptu dinner before the Sunday night football game between the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys. With a communal effort, a quick salad was thrown together with local lettuces and veggies, some fingerling potatoes were roasted and the Wellingtons went direct from the freezer onto a baking sheet and into a pre-heated 350 degree oven. Just about 35 minutes later, they were done, with a gorgeous golden brown color painted across the puff pastry that hugged the four beautiful 12-ounce tenderloin filets.

We let them rest for five minutes under an aluminum foil tent, which wasn’t easy considering how the aromas of the filet mignon and the buttery pastry had everyone excited and eager to get at them. Finally, with all the accompaniments on our plates and a bottle of Chateauneuf-de-Pape at table, we all carved into these beautiful mounds of deliciousness. Swooning ensued. The filet, cooked perfectly medium rare, was juicy, flavoful and so tender a kinfe wasn’t even needed. Adding to the taste sensation was the generous amount of duck and goose liver pate accented with delicate black truffles and mushroom duxelles that covered the filets–just sensational. Seriously. From what we could tell, everyone savored every single bite and plates were practically licked clean. Perfection in just over a half hour with virtually no effort.

Kick off began soon after, but as the last of the wine was downed and shoes slipped off, all everyone could talk about was how utterly delicious those Beef Wellingtons were–better, in fact, than those served in many restaurants. If you haven’t tried them, we recommend hopping to it and placing an order. You’ll get six individually wrapped Wellingtons that will make your next dinner truly memorable…without any fuss. And you don’t even have to be a football fan to enjoy them.


Allen B.

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