The Art of Great Chili. Allen Brothers Style.

For Purists: hale and hearty Steakhouse Chili

There’s an art to making really great chili. First and foremost, it requires patience; slow cooking is a must. Next you must start with excellent ingredients—fresh and natural whenever possible. Finally, it comes down to meat: the better the meat used, the better the chili. Then everything has to be cooked in layers, combined and allowed to stew slowly so that the many and varied flavors can peacefully coexist and integrate into a lusty conglomerate of tomato-based spice and zestiness. Like we said…it’s an art.

Lean and luscious Bison Chili

This culinary wisdom is not lost on Allen Brothers and neither is our enthusiasm for great chili of all sorts. From our hearty STEAKHOUSE CHILI with chunks of tender, slow cooked beef, to our TURKEY CHILI that is a rich amalgam of ground turkey cooked slowly with tomatoes, corn, beans, tomatillos, poblano and jalapeño peppers and zesty spices, we offer a terrific menu of these soul-warming, comfort-inducing prepared dishes.

Tasty, corn-riddled Turkey Chili

In the mood for something completely different? Try our lusty new BISON CHILI, a distinctive blend of lean ground bison, seven varieties of peppers and 10 types of beans, all stewed with tomatoes, onions and just the right amount of spices. Thus far, from the responses, our chili purist fans love it. Aficionados of all culinary things Latin will be in heaven with our newest creation: CHICKEN CHILI WITH CORNBREAD TOPPING. Starting with our already loved traditional chili recipe, we’ve created a variation on a theme using minced chicken and combing it with corn, red peppers, onions and jalapeno peppers, all slowed cooked to flavorful perfection. Then we give it a special treatment by topping it with a hearty cornbread crust made with buttermilk, butter and a touch of sugar. Even carnivores of the highest order will love this Latin-inspired version.

Sweet and crusty cornbread crowns our Chicken Chili

We’re not suggesting you give up concocting your own favorite chili recipes at home. Many home chefs, including yours truly, pride themselves on their chili. And rightly so. But when time is at a premium and getting to the market and into your own kitchen is a daunting task, we recommend the next best thing—a Heat & Serve Chili from Allen Brothers. After all, art is meant to be shared.

Allen B.

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