Lasagna for the holidays: Double your pleasure

Ever since I was little, my aunt Jill and uncle Ed would come over for Thanksgiving every year. My aunt would always insist on bringing something, and it was always the same: a huge lasagna, straight from her oven and still piping-hot. Why lasagna? Well, she always laughed when someone asked what Italian pasta had to do with Thanksgiving, so we’ve never found out where she got the idea in the first place. But now lasagna is an MVP in my family’s annual Thanksgiving dinner, and our table just wouldn’t be the same without it.

Veal lasagna

The lasagna always disappears by the end of the meal, no matter how big a pan my aunt Jill makes. Somehow the saucy, hearty Italian classic is a perfect, if unexpected, match for the roasted bird. And when the sauce from the lasagna on the plate migrates over to the turkey, it gives an extra dose of juiciness and intense flavor.

If you’ve never had lasagna for Thanksgiving, give it a shot this year. Best of all, Allen Brothers has two kinds: a lasagna made with layers of ground veal, cheese, and hand-rolled pasta, plus a vegetable lasagna made with egg pasta, roasted vegetables, ricotta and mascarpone cheese, basil pesto, and mozzarella (this one will take care of any non-meat-eating relatives and friends who come over for the holiday dinner). While you’re at it, pick up a few extra veal or vegetable lasagnas to store in your freezer for the fall and winter, in case you have hungry friends or family members around the house during the holiday season. Lasagna: It’s love, Italian-style.


Allie B.

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