A sweet surprise on the Thanksgiving table

Pumpkin Cognac Cheese Cake

Pumpkin cognac cheesecake

You’ve gotta have the turkey; you’ve gotta have the stuffing; you’ve gotta have the sweet potatoes. But pumpkin pie? Hmm, let’s rethink this. Dessert? Yes, dessert is a must—as if we had to tell you that! Should it be something involving pumpkin? Absolutely, since pumpkins are in season. Plus they’re just so… Thanksgiving.

But this year, how about a slightly different, utterly spectacular pumpkin dessert that will make your family sit up and say: “Now this takes the cake!”

I’m talking about pumpkin-cognac cheesecake. Think about it: All the sweetness and seasonal deliciousness of pumpkin, tinged with spices and combined with the creamy richness of cheesecake. Plus there’s a hint of cognac, and a luscious layer of whipped cream to boot. Just try to resist…

Bonus: A thin slice goes a long way after a hearty Thanksgiving meal. So get ready to have some cheesecake left over, to go with those tasty turkey sandwiches and Thanksgiving goodies you’ll be eating happily for days after.

While you’re at it, why not create a truly decadent dessert spread this Thanksgiving? At our extended-family Thanksgivings, someone always brings a pecan pie, because we have relatives from the South who make some of the best pecan pies I’ve ever had. Allen Brothers has a beautiful, wonderfully pecan-loaded pecan pie from Goergia that I bet I could sneak onto our dessert table this year, and no one would guess that my aunt Diane didn’t make it herself.

And for those who haven’t truly eaten dessert unless they’ve had chocolate, I recommend the Mini Triple Chocolate Cake, or Grandma’s Chocolate Cake. You know, just to keep everyone happy (and maybe you’ll want to save just a teeny little slice for yourself…).


Allie B.

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