10 reasons to celebrate the holidays with Allen Brothers

I always have the hardest time picking out holiday gifts for my closest friends and family, since they’re the ones I want to please and spoil the most. Luckily, Allen Brothers makes it easy to show the love, with brilliant ideas like the 12-Month Gift Plan or the Epicure Collection.

Stop and think for a minute about what a meat-lover’s fantasy present might be: A year of nightly dinners at his favorite steakhouse? Maybe, but that might be a bit much … How about a freezer stocked with the best steaks and meats in the world? Getting much warmer… Answer: It’s the Allen Brothers Epicure Collection, which lets you send all the meat-lovers in your life a dream package filled with the most-coveted Allen Brothers steaks along with a slew of fabulous food products.

Each product in the package comes in big-enough quantities to serve a whole family or even a dinner party: The Epicure Collection includes 16 USDA Prime steak burgers, plus 4 full slab Berkshire baby back ribs,
4 USDA Prime filets mignon, 4 USDA Prime sirloin strip steaks, 4 USDA Prime porterhouse steaks, along with 4 each of ribeye steaks and veal rib chops, 8 lamb rib chops, 21 steak dogs and sausages, and 8 Poulet Rouge Fermier chicken breasts.

It’s a dream come true for anyone who loves Allen Brothers, or simply loves meat and will soon discover why no one does it better than Allen Brothers!

One helpful hint: Make sure whoever is receiving the Epicure Collection has a little extra room in their freezer to stock everything when it arrives…

Happy holidays!

Allie B.

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