Your steak dilemmas solved … introducing the Baseball-Cut Strip Steak

Like your eggs over-easy or sunny-side up? Prefer chocolate ice cream or vanilla? Love living in the city or in the country? Crave a filet mignon or a strip steak for dinner? Life is full of dilemmas—but if you’re stumped over that last one, Allen Brothers has an ingenious solution: the new Baseball-Cut Strip Steak, a beautifully marbled, intensely flavorful Allen Brothers strip steak cut into a compact 6-ounce size. Extra-thick and with nicely rounded edges, it looks almost like a baseball, hence the name.

Whether you try the Baseball-Cut Strip Steak on its own (in packs of 4 or 8), or as part of Allen Brothers president Todd Hatoff’s new signature Todd’s Prime Assortment (2 Baseball-Cut Strip Steaks, 2 Filets Mignon, 2 Center Cut Ribeye Steaks), you’ll take the guesswork out of the which-steak-to-order dilemma.

Now, how do you cook the steaks? Easy. The Baseball-Cut Strip Steak, the Filet Mignon, and the Center Cut Ribeye are all prepared pretty much the same way: Just preheat your oven to 400F; season the steaks with salt and pepper; heat 2 teaspoons of olive oil on medium-high heat until almost smoking; and sear the steaks one minute on each side. Then roast the steaks in the oven for 4-6 minutes (give or take an extra minute or two, depending on the size) for medium rare. (For broiling or grilling instructions, check out the tips in our Cooking Guide.)

Speaking of baseball and dilemmas: If you’re like me and you were born in the Chicago area but grew up in Houston, during baseball season you’re forever torn between the Astros and the Cubs— which can get a little dicey sometimes. No one said life would be easy!


Allie B.

One Response to “Your steak dilemmas solved … introducing the Baseball-Cut Strip Steak”

  1. Cubs all the way!!!
    Gotta serve the baseball steaks at my World Series final party. Never heard of these before–very excited to give them a try.