The crowning glory of the holiday table: Crowned filets mignon

The holiday season is already in full swing, and that means one thing: Family and friends swarming around, eager to eat, drink, and celebrate together throughout the coming weeks. Even if you have Thanksgiving dinner all figured out by now, what about all those other nights during the holiday season, from now all the way to Christmas and New Year’s? For spontaneous gatherings, intimate holiday dinner parties, and cozy nights at home after a day of gift-shopping, I like to stock up on a few special dishes that so I can entertain last-minute, or feast with my family at home—with no fuss and no muss!

My all-around holiday all-star? Crowned filets mignon, one of Allen Brothers’ most elegant main courses. All the juicy, meaty lusciousness of filet mignon, with a luxurious crown of lobster, wild mushrooms, or crabmeat on top. Surf-and-turf lovers will glory in the plump lobster meat topping, in a buttery mix of cream, fresh herbs, sweet onions, and breadcrumbs. Or go for the shiitake, Portobello, and oyster mushroom topping, spiked with truffles and combined in a rich sauce of demi-glace and red wine. The Venetian topping combines lump crabmeat, fresh mozzarella and feta cheese, and fresh spinach with hits of garlic and rosemary. Better yet? Order the Crowned Filet Mignon Sampler and serve all three varieties, for a truly over-the-top feast.

Stock up now, and you’re all set for festive dinners with friends and family all season long. Now you can focus your attention on the rest of the holiday hustle-bustle: The decorations… The holiday cards… and yipes, that neverending gift-shopping list!

Happy holidays!

Allie B.

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