Festive, fabulous fajitas (or: How not to labor on Labor Day…)

Skirt Steak

Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Labor Day, celebrated this year on Monday, September 6, was invented in 1882 to honor the toil and dedication of workers all over America—but let’s be honest: The best way to celebrate the holiday is by not laboring. Allen Brothers is here to help, with the world’s best, juiciest, most grill-ready meats and seafood, designed to help you enjoy Labor Day with as little laboring as possible.

My advice for a luscious and memorable holiday: Order up some skirt steaks from Allen Brothers, throw them on the grill, and make the best fajitas ever. Just let the thawed steaks sit for 30 minutes before cooking, then heat a charcoal or gas grill heat to medium-high, sauté the steaks 4-6 minutes per side for medium rare, and let them rest for five minutes before serving. Now slice up the steaks into long, thin pieces, place a few pieces on a flour tortilla, and add guacamole, salsa, grilled onions and bell peppers, sour cream, shredded cheese—whatever you love most on your fajitas. Roll up, eat, smile.

An even faster, and just as delicious, way to enjoy skirt steaks: Along with the steaks, order some Allen Brothers chimichurri, an Argentinean-inspired sauce that comes from the steak-loving gaucho (cowboy) culture of Argentina’s ranchlands. The sauce, made with oregano, garlic, olive oil, jalapeno peppers, and herbs, adds zing to just about any meat, but it’s especially perfect with skirt steaks.  You can make the sauce yourself, but why bother, when Allen Brothers has a wonderful, handmade, authentic version—no labor necessary. Just drizzle the chimichurri over the cooked steaks; you’re done.

Skirt steak fajitas, or skirt steak with chimichurri: festive, flavorful, and fabulous.

A very happy, relaxing Labor Day to you and yours,

Allie B.

One Response to “Festive, fabulous fajitas (or: How not to labor on Labor Day…)”

  1. this is my 10th anniversary of serving allen brothers steaks and hot dogs on labor day! totally agree– the less labor at my labor day bbq, the better.