Cool idea for a winter dinner party: Sweet, cold-water lobster tails

Summer is for clambakes on the beach, but winter? Winter is for cozy dinners indoors, featuring hearty steaks and roasts and… lusciously juicy cold-water lobster tails. That’s right! This season, celebrate the crisp, cool, bracing air with exquisite lobster plucked straight out of cold waters to preserve its sweet taste, and frozen right on deck to keep its ultra-fresh flavor and supple texture.

Allen Brothers has sourced four kinds of lobster tails from some of the most premium waters around the world: succulent Tristan tails from an island off South Africa; tender, sweet West Australian tails from the land down under; firm, buttery Maine and Canadian tails from the northern-most reaches of North America; and moist, juicy South African tails from an area known for its wonderful, bountiful seafood.

Note that the Tristan and the West Australian lobster tails serve one person each; for the Maine & Canadian and the South African tails, two tails serve one person.

Try one kind of lobster tail at a time (each order comes with either 4 or 8 tails) or, better yet, go for the lobster tail sampler and sample two of each kind (that’s 8 tails total). Mix and match the lobster tails for a fun, unique holiday dinner party, or save them for quiet, romantic, luxurious dinners at home.

You can prepare the lobster tails any way you love most: steam, broil, bake, or grill. See the Cooking Guide for handy tips, and get ready to celebrate winter in grand style.


Allie B.

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