Allen Brothers all-natural veal: It’s the real deal

Who doesn’t love veal? When veal is good, it’s very, very good—oh, that delicate, buttery, meaty flavor, and that soft, heavenly texture. But truly exceptional veal is hard to find, and that goes double for the all-natural, pasture-raised variety.

Leave it to Allen Brothers to track down a producer that specializes in the best veal on the market: Strauss Meadow Reserve veal comes from the elite Limousin heritage breed, and it’s all-natural, milk-fed, and pasture-raised—and fed a secret, high-quality diet that gives it its meltingly tender texture and beautiful milky-white color. Food & Wine Magazine recently chose Strauss Meadow Reserve veal as a top holiday food gift—so start putting that holiday shopping list together early, for all your veal-loving friends.

Here’s another bonus: Strauss Meadow Reserve veal from Allen Brothers is lower in cholesterol than boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Hard to believe, since the meat is so extra-juicy and bursting with rich flavor.

Try both the veal loin and the veal rib chops (they each cook in just six minutes or less per side in the oven or on the grill), or sample the extra-thin veal slices (perfect for veal scallopini), and decide which cut you like best. And for a soul-warming winter feast, don’t miss the veal osso buco, a classic Milanese dish made by braising a bone-in veal shank in a decadent veal demi-glace, then slow-roasting it with garlic, shallots, tomatoes, and a flavorful blend of herbs and spices. At Allen Brothers, the osso buco comes ready to just heat and serve—or if you want to try making it yourself, order the uncooked veal shanks instead and use your favorite recipe to make your own signature osso buco.

Strauss Meadow Reserve and Allen Brothers veal loin, veal rib chops, veal slices, and osso buco… all-natural all-stars, and always a treat.


Allie B.

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