A spontaneous, stylish summer party

Time for a pop quiz! What’s ultra-elegant, ultra-easy, and so delicious your guests will swoon? Three guesses:

1) A lobster boil.

Nope! Lobster boils are lots of fun, but they’re not exactly easy…

2) A clam bake.

Not quite! Clam bakes are wonderful, but they’re not what I’d call elegant…

3) A summer soirée featuring a gorgeous spread of luxurious Truffle Mousse, Paté de Campagne with Cognac, and Duck Mousse with Port, served with chilled champagne.


Throwing a party with Allen Brothers French Mousse and Paté Collection is as spontaneous, simple, and fabulous as it gets. Order the full Collection and you’ll get one 6-7 ounce portion of each. The Truffle Mousse is made with truffles, chicken liver, and sherry wine. The Paté de Campagne combines country-style, slightly spicy pork with a touch of cognac. The silky Duck Mousse with Port blends duck foie gras and duck liver, seasoned and marinated in port wine.

Pick up a few bottles of champagne, some fresh baguettes or your favorite crackers…maybe some exquisite caviar spread (also available from Allen Brothers) and celebrate the dog days of summer in style!


Allie B.

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