Cookout tips: Grill the best burgers and hot dogs ever!

Hitting the grill at the beach house or in the backyard this summer? Whether you’re cooking out at home or joining friends and neighbors for an outdoor extravaganza, make sure you’re armed with the most incredible, grill-tastic burgers and hot dogs.

First off, you’ll want to stock up on our Great Steakhouse Steak Dogs—the hot dog to beat all hot dogs.  Bursting with juiciness, and made with an all-natural casing, these Chicago-style dogs come in three sizes (jumbo, regular, and mini) and are precooked, so all you have to do is brown them on the grill and stuff them into a bun with all your favorite condiments.

And what cookout is complete without… burgers! Our Great Steakhouse Burgers are made with—what else?—USDA Prime beef. They’re extra-plump, oozing with juice, and truly unforgettable. For maximum variety, excitement, and make-everyone-happy hospitality, try our other signature burger variations too: Our Turkey Burgers are super-moist and spiced up with pepper, onion, and soy, and they pack a nutritious punch. The Chipotle Sliders are made with USDA Prime beef and spiked with smoky chipotle peppers—a perfect snack with a cold beer. Our Italian-inspired Gilia Burgers blend ground sirloin, veal, and pork with a zingy hit of garlic and herbs.

As for my favorite? I’m partial to our Lamb Burgers, created by the ingenious chef Suvir Saran, author of the fabulous Indian-meets-American cookbook American Masala. Suvir mixes premium ground lamb with mint and parmesan to create these exceptional juice-bombs. Click here for Suvir’s tips on how to grill a perfect lamb-burger, plus bonus recipes for his cilantro-yogurt sauce and cucumber-tomato salad—the genius toppings for his lamb burgers, plus all kinds of meats you’ve got cooking on the grill.


Allie B.

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  1. steak dogs?!? how did i miss these? gonna order up a storm of these for our labor day bbq.