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Trend watch: Korean-style ribs

If you live in the L.A. area—or even if you don’t—you might have heard the buzz about the Korean-style tacos at Kogi BBQ, made from sweet-and-spicy barbecued beef or pork topped with tangy condiments and rolled up in a warm tortilla. The runaway success of Kogi BBQ’s tacos is inspiring imitators to offer their own versions of Korean-inspired tacos and burritos, and now a slew of spots specializing in this tasty hybrid invention are opening up around the country. Want to preview the trend at home? It’s easy.


Steak: not just for lunch (or dinner) anymore

Steak for breakfast: Is it a decadent treat, or a protein-and-energy packed way to kick off the day? It’s both! I’ve always been partial to eating steak-and-eggs for breakfast—a nice juicy steak, a fried egg or two, and maybe some sautéed mushrooms or tomatoes on the side. Lately I’ve also been experimenting with other ways to get my A.M. steak fix. Mind you, I don’t eat a big 16-ounce steak in the morning; I go for one of the smaller cuts (between 4 and 8 ounces each). Luckily, Allen Brothers makes it easy, with the Petite Breakfast Steak Sampler—which includes two 4-ounce filets mignon, two 6-ounce sirloin strips, and two 8-ounce ribeyes. Here are my top three ways of enjoying the different steaks that come with the sampler.


Sensational summer recipe: sirloin steak sandwich

If you live in the Midwest, or in the South, or on the East Coast, or on the West Coast—or, well, just about anywhere—you know how hot it’s been this summer. And you’ve probably been craving ice-cold drinks, extra-cold air-conditioning, and cool summer foods. Check our blog all summer to find our favorite recipes for cold dishes that will cool you down on the most blistering-hot days—starting with the Allen Brothers signature Sirloin Strip Slices Steak Sandwich.


Your steak dilemmas solved … introducing the Baseball-Cut Strip Steak

Like your eggs over-easy or sunny-side up? Prefer chocolate ice cream or vanilla? Love living in the city or in the country? Crave a filet mignon or a strip steak for dinner? Life is full of dilemmas—but if you’re stumped over that last one, Allen Brothers has an ingenious solution: the new Baseball-Cut Strip Steak, a beautifully marbled, intensely flavorful Allen Brothers strip steak cut into a compact 6-ounce size. Extra-thick and with nicely rounded edges, it looks almost like a baseball, hence the name.


Cookout tips: Grill the best burgers and hot dogs ever!

Hitting the grill at the beach house or in the backyard this summer? Whether you’re cooking out at home or joining friends and neighbors for an outdoor extravaganza, make sure you’re armed with the most incredible, grill-tastic burgers and hot dogs.


Chef’s fabulous lamb-burger toppings

As Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything , put it so well in a recent New York Times column about burgers:

“Because lamb is the most full flavored of the everyday meats, it makes a more delicious plain burger than beef. Cooked with nothing but salt, it’s fantastic. Cooked with a variety of spices, it’s a game-changer.”

Chef Suvir Saran’s lamb burger, available right here from Allen Brothers, is most definitely a game-changer. If you’re planning to grill some up this summer, take note of Suvir’s tips on how to make sure the burgers come out extra-juicy and delicious: