Wagyu Sirloin Strip Steaks
Wagyu Sirloin Strip Steaks
Our Wagyu Strip Steaks are slowly wet-aged for additional flavor and tenderness
item # options price qty
99119 (W110) 4 strips 10 oz ea 4 pc 10 oz
99118 (W107) 2 strips 10 oz ea 2 pc 10 oz
99117 (W104) 4 strips 8 oz ea 4 pc 8 oz
99112 (W101) 2 strips 8 oz ea 2 pc 8 oz


Also known as New York Strip Steak or Kansas City Strip Steak. A fine, silky texture and rich marbling combined with our wet-aging process give Allen Brothers Wagyu sirloin strip steaks an incredibly robust flavor and juicy tenderness. Cut from the center of the beef loin, it's the most outstanding steak-lover's steak available.