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USDA Prime Bone-In Strip Steaks

Thickly cut and firm, this is tops among serious steak lovers who savor the juiciness and intense beef flavor of this special bone-in cut. And the marbled texture will give your steak knife an easy time of carving into utter deliciousness.

NOTE: While we make every attempt to meet the thicknesses listed, these figures are only averages.

item # options price qty
99341 4 strips 20 oz ea 1.75" thick
99194 8 strips 16 oz ea 1.5" thick
99209 4 strips 16 oz ea 1.5" thick
99198 8 strips 12 oz ea 1.25" thick
99196 4 strips 12 oz ea 1.25" thick
  • A Steak Lover's Steak!

    I am a perfectionist and I'll only work with people who are the same. I know that when I receive lamb chops, veal and steaks from Allen Brothers, they'll be perfect.

    Shareef Malnik, Owner; The Forge - Miami, FL (12/13/11)