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A Commitment to Excellence for More Than 120 Years

Hatoff Family

Allen Brothers originated in Chicago’s historic Union Stockyards. And for 120 years, 4 generations of family have been an integral part of Chicago’s meat history, with a 120-year commitment to excellence.

As 4th-generation Todd Hatoff relates, “My great-grandfather had a restaurant here in Chicago called Queen’s, where they freshly-made their own hamburger. Then, during the depression, my greatgrandfather and great-uncle worked with Harry Holly, who went on to create the Hollymatic® hamburgermaking machine. It revolutionized hamburgers with consistent patties that cooked onsistently.”

“By my grandfather’s time, our family was supplying restaurants throughout Chicago with quality beef, baby back ribs, and more. My Dad (Bobby Hatoff) expanded nationally and was very active in defining and developing our industry too. He was president and chairman of The National Association of Meat Purveyors (and was instrumental in their merger with the National Meat Association to become North American Meat Association). He was awarded the Angus Award — the industry’s most prestigious — and was inducted into the Meat Industry Hall of Fame. He helped guide Allen Brothers to become the leading supplier of USDA Prime beef to America’s restaurants.“I’m proud of the opportunity to carry on my family's tradition. Over generations, the Allen Brothers brand name has become synonymous with consistently high quality, and I intend to stay true to that legacy.” - Todd Hatoff, President.