Cold-Water Atlantic Lobster Tails
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Cold-Water Atlantic Lobster Tails
Meaty sweet and tender Lobster Tails
item # options price qty
99837 (LMC-204) 4 tails 5-6 oz ea 4 x 5-6 oz
99442 (LMC-210) 4 tails 8-10 oz ea 4 x 8-10 oz
99839 (LMC-208) 8 tails 5-6 oz ea 8 x 5-6 oz


Often referred to as American lobster, these tails are much meatier than that of European spiny lobsters yet every bit as sweet and tender. We source ours from the cold, shallow waters as far north as Newfoundland. The perfect tails for avid seafood lovers who can never get too much of a good thing. Source: Wild caught, USA or Canada